What is Magento?

Magento is an e-commerce platform that runs on open source technology which provides its users with full control over its design, content, functionality as well as a flexible shopping cart system. It is a powerful tool for marketing, SEO and catalog management. It’s easily one of the most famous e-commerce platforms used across the world by small, medium and large-scale enterprises.

Why should I choose Magento over other web development services?

It works pretty much the same as just Shopify. However, Shopify plus provides secure servers, payment compliance and unlimited bandwidth, all of which provide freedom to Shopify plus web developers to go ahead and work their magic.

Magento is a flexible, scalable and easy to use e-commerce platform for online stores of all sizes. Magento website designs are some of the most customisable in the world. Some of it’s key USP’s have been listed below –

  • Open Source – There is no significant cost to use Magento and this has enabled a lot of brands to favor this platform over others.
  • Flexibility – Magento development services are perhaps most famous for their nearly endless list of potential customizations allowed by Magento. These allow brands to create and design websites exactly to their liking.
  • SEO optimized – Magento keeps in mind the importance of SEO. As a result, it has enough options for URLs, sitemaps, metatags and more. Allowing the brand to fully optimize its website.
  • Multiple store fronts with single back end – Users can add thousands of products and catalogs on to their website with Magento.
  • Responsive and Scalable – It allows for easy accessibility on mobile devices as well. This is crucial as most users access the world wide web through their mobile phones.
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies – It supports different languages and allows for varied payment methods.
  • Cross browser compatibility – Magento allows accessibility to various different browsers. This increases the potential reach of the website.
  • Review and Feedback – It allows for smooth communications between customers, merchandisers and owners. This is crucial when it comes to optimizing your business to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

These are a few of many advantages of Magento that can fully optimized by a Magento web development and design company like ours.

How do I hire a Magento web development company?

The first thing you need to identify is whether you need front-end developers or backend developers or both. The next thing to note is, whether you need just a developer or a full agency? If your project is relatively large scale or is very dependent on e-commerce, you have no option but to hire a full-scale web development agency as the right agency can help take your business to great heights. Do ensure that the agency you hire has some experience in your industry or has at least worked on many successful projects before.